Beautiful security.

/zē’ buh sek/ ziba, beautiful (Persian); sec, short for security

We named our company ZibaSec because that’s our mission—to make software that’s elegant, easy to use, and engineered to protect an organization from hackers.

Our why

Better software through better tech

People today interact heavily with email, messaging apps, social media, and other tech-driven communication channels. Some of it for work, some of it at work, and most of it for personal enjoyment. It is these channels that are the most vulnerable to outside attacks. Most security software targets the tech—but it is the humans who put organizations at risk.

Our flagship product, PhishTACO, utilizes ephemeral computing and the cloud to help organizations of all sizes simulate phishing attacks against their workforce so that they can better protect themselves.

We are currently working to add more attack vectors, beginning with SMS (coming Fall 2021).

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Our origin story

Founded January 2020

We founded ZibaSec because we believed there was a more scalable, more affordable way to protect organizations from social engineering. We also wanted to create a work culture that supports human development as much as software development.

meet the rest of the team
Illustration of Julia Davila holding up a fish

Julie Davila
Co-Founder + CEO

Illustration of Daniel Shepherd reading a Sco-Fi Novel

Daniel Shepherd
Co-Founder + CTO

Our values

Creating a better company, together

Learning out in the open

While we each have our area of expertise, no one knows everything there is to know about what they're working on. We're able to say, "I don't know, but I can find out," and to learn from each other.

Asking, and answering, "Why?"

We advocate taking opposing perspectives and avoiding logical fallacies. Whether we're interacting with co-workers or working on a product, we can and should ask “Why?” of anything that raises the question. In the same vein, we are prepared to answer, “Why?” from someone else.

Independent thinking

As a remote-first company, we collaborate asynchronously and work autonomously. We foster every team member’s ability to take ownership, make decisions, try out solutions, and see what we can learn from them.

Equal voices

Our work is not limited by job descriptions or titles. Everyone has a voice and everyone is acknowledged and heard.

Clear, respectful communication

We converse with each other in good faith, with respect and objectivity. We avoid fluff and business-speak. We are authentic and straight to the point. We save abstractions and analogies for deeply technical discussions where they may be useful to explain complicated ideas.

Working at work, nowhere else

We’ve chosen to be remote-only to help ensure everyone has the space for both work and personal life. We ask our team members not to send or reply to any type of work communication, or code outside of their work hours. Only very rarely, and in exceptional circumstances, will anyone be needed urgently.

We're more than just great software

A.K.A. why culture matters

At ZibaSec, we challenge ourselves and we welcome being challenged by others. We seek out people who are intentionally curious because that’s how we create the best work. We also believe in working smarter, not harder—because while we love what we do, we also know that life is about more than product releases.

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